Tuesday, January 24, 2006

you'll start caring once it kills you

I was happy with the world today. Some may call that a rare occasion; but every dog has its day. I started a myspace account, got shit upon by coworkers/high schoolers, went out for a friends 21st, and finished the night substituting a fellow employee for the bar bowling league. All is kosher, no big deal. Then I got home. What a surprise lay dormant for me. I sit in my room, munch a DeLeon's breakfast burrito, and decide to turn on my T.V. What movie decides to grace itself within my presence? Elephant. I'm not sure if the three people reading this have seen it, but I suggest you do. I had totally blocked this film out of my memory after the first time I saw it, just a little over two years ago, and tonight was too fresh of a reminder. It came back to remind me of the human condition, the anti-social rage that is the fuel for the unappreciated youth. I offer no sympathy for the actions of the antagonists of the film, but yet I feel an overwhelming sense of guilt, almost to the point of empathy. It reminded me what it was like to care about someone you had never met before, someone who didn't even exist in your own personal world. It reminded me of all the shit this world is based upon, how the greed of the rich feeds off the dreams of the poor. I know this film is a character study, but it is a shocking film that should be seen by everyone; yet will most likely be understood by those who happened to be a teenager in the late 1990's. It is a saga of the misrepresentation, the misguidance, and the misdirection of the youth of today. These events could have easily been deterred, but I cannot say they would have not been repeated. The society we live in is one based on the ability to satisfy ourselves, and the relentless persecutions of others who we feel don't belong. We pride ourselves in our freedom, yet mistake it as a synonym for patriotism. We are the sheep, and our Shepard is the man with the outstanding ideals, the person who represents the everyman. But like the everyman, his say in the long run is notwithstanding, unless his appointed yes-men decide it so. This is the problem of our society. Not the fact that we are dumb enough to vote out of pure idealism, but that we would put our faith in a trust-fund asshole with favors to give. We fucked ourselves, and I don't give two shits who you voted for. The only reason a worthless fuck like this would even be allowed to participate in a school board election is because of two things: Public opinion, and money. You can buy opinion with money; the vice-versa isn't quite the same. I can bitch, but these are the inherent flaws of living in a capitalist society. We sometimes become so blinded by the thought of wealth we close our eyes to what's really important. I'm not sure where I am going with this. The question is, why the hell are you even wasting time reading it?

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