Saturday, February 18, 2006

brand new old stuff

I moved all my "alcohol n' adderal" influenced rantings here from my facebook profile, mainly because the jury is still out on what classifies as insanity on mypace. College kids just don't know talent when they see it. Or I'm just a moron.


What you see is what you get...except on tuesdays. Or the occasional casual friday.
In other words, im too big of a douche bag to think of anything worth saying about myself. Except that im rich and have a gigantic penis.
And that im a compulsive liar.
Oh well.

This used to be a more extensive profile post, but i deleted most of the pharmaceutical-induced content. (update: ok, i've added a few crazy rants that are just testaments to my chemical imbalance. im really not this crazy in real life, i promise. i hide it extremely well.)

Albums currently in heavy IPod rotation (thank you, bittorrent!):
Arcade Fire - Funeral
Blue October - Consent to Treatment; The Answer
Nine Inch Nails - Still; The Fragile; Things Falling Apart
Death From Above 1979 - You're A Woman, I'm A Machine
Deftones - B-Sides and Rarities; White Pony
KMFDM - WWIII; NIHIL; Symbols; Hau Ruck
Jimmy Eat World - Clarity; Bleed American
Goldfinger - Open Your Eyes
Korn - Issues; Korn
A Perfect Circle - Mer de Norms; Thirteenth Step
Pink Floyd - The Wall; The Division Bell; Animals
Radiohead - OK Computer; Kid A
System of a Down - Steal this Album!; Hypnotize
Tool - Salival; Undertow
The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan
Static-X - Start A War; Wisconsin Death Trip
Alkaline Trio - Crimson; Good Mourning
Fall Out Boy - Take This To Your Grave; From Under The Cork Tree
Bright Eyes - Wide Awake It's Morning
Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska; The Ghost of Tom Joad
Slipknot - Iowa
Wilco - Kicking Television: Live in Chicago
Johnny Cash - The Legendary; American IV

And many others i just can't think of at the moment

You purchased 1 ticket to:

Nine Inch Nails
Pershing Center, Lincoln, NE
Friday February 17, 2006 8:00 pm
Seat location: section GENADM
Total Charge: $50.15

If you're going, i'll be the drunk guy getting beat up by high schoolers in the mosh pit. Don't be afraid to say hi! (or call 911, if you really want to get your good citizen badge for a day)

In other news, I just found out that they finally got Golden Tee Live back at Old Chicago. So just that you know, if you happen to frequent that restaurant, i will now be the smelly guy passed out on the army cot near the mens restroom. Otherwise, i will be the smelly drunk guy playing Golden Tee and talking shit to little kids playing Big Buck Hunter or that annoying fucking Stuffed Animal Crane game ("Please Insert More Quarters"...FUCK OFF MACHINE! I DONT WANT TO PLAY YOU!!!!)

Lately I've been trying to join all those "Hott UNL Campus Stud Horse-Cock Guy" groups on here. I've succeded in a few, but the ones with 100 person limit are bullshit. I checked out the guys on there, and I know I've got the upper-hand on at least one or two of em. Did that sound gay? Fuck it. I want to join a group that will only grant me access based on my appearance. I'm just as shallow and vain as the rest of you, dammit. Where's my fucking crown? I need this to increase my already overblown sense of self-importance, to help fully expand my delusions of grandeur. I want to idolize the greatest thing in the world: me. I want to able to achieve orgasm just by looking in the mirror, because I know nothing could possibly be sexier. I've got a semi now just thinking about it. So stop holding out people, and throw some nominations my way. My ego is just begging for it.

If you haven't noticed (or actually cared), I took the long, boring, (not to mention borderline section eight) rants off this profile post. But do not worry, my fellow peers and peer-ettes (sic, or it's just not even a definable word). I gave in to the peer pressure, not to mention some questionable CIA torture methods (i.e. peter-tags & the occasional "good game"), inflicted on me by my associates and friends (real ones, not the facebook variety), and opened a myspace account. I threw all that crazyness into a blog (short for web log, because im trendy like that), and if you are one of the two people who actually read it, you can now re-read my bullshit to your hearts content! And as an added bonus, maybe you might catch the clap! If you know me, then you probably already have that, so how about some new drug-induced psychotic ranting? It's even all typed up and posted online, so the whole world can ignore and/or ridicule my idiocy. Just remember: "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but there's no cure for herpes."
(btw: if you are too lazy to scroll up to the links that are probably still showing at the top of your screen, the address is: [or]) Why the name? Figure it out for yourself, and you might just consider me witty. Or a little too keen on obscure, dorky references. :P

Days left on Facebook Probation: 0
The withdrawls were so bad I joined Myspace. I need to seek professional help.

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