Saturday, February 11, 2006

drugs are bad (and other myths)

word to the wise: just because you have a "cough" medicine, and seperate "congestion" medication, do not mix them. You will contemplate joining a milita so you can send whoever makes dayquil a Ted Kaczynski-special delivery. after about 3 hours of you drug induced shaking, hot sweats, cold sweats, cold sweats on hot skin, inability to move from your bed, and realize that it is a friday night, and for once in your life you actually had some sort of plans (well, not really, but i didnt plan on sitting at home all night...finale of arrested development was on, that was about my highlight of the night...blah blah blah please god give me aids, i know it cant be this bad. at least youve got like 7 plus years before symptoms show, eventually leading to horrible death. but it cant be that bad.) i seriously forgot what i was writing about, and i really cant see that well, and i dont have any motivation to look above to see what inconsistant bullshit i was rambling about. all i know is, if this shit isnt over with when i wake up, ill use those meds for what theyre really for... (which is attempted suicides to get the attention of loved ones because you feel rejected at 17 with no significant other or any real friends so you listen to some horrible local emo band that has a snowballs chance in hell of ever getting signed and dream of the day when people will appreciate you for who you are and your "natural beauty..." and by natural beauty i mean 43 piercings, 19 spoon/rc car motor tattoes (because ex-cons are SO cool), pasty white acne covered skin, greasy ass black plus pink or green or some other fucked up color, cut and styled like you let you blind brother with down syndrome become your personal hair/makeup guy, and your fucking makeup. or lack thereof. whatever, the lorazepam's kicking in, im gonna go watch true romance. why? didnt you read my post? i am obviously fucked in the head. jesus h christ, do you want me to draw you a picture? ok fuckit im done

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