Saturday, March 4, 2006

my favorite color is mescaline

i havent put anything on here in a while (well, like a few days, but fuck off i feel like a slacker with nothing to slack over), so this shit will probably suck. fuck. hey that rhymes. im clever. yes, this is probably going to keep getting worse. you should probably stop reading now, before you realize how big of a fucking loser you are reading this shit.

still here? alright, you must have no friends. thats ok though, you're the type of person that would still be here. the only thing you've got to kill is either time or yourself, and time is just the easy way out. pussy. ok, ill get to the point. i hate this country. i hate the government. i hate madd. i hate valdimir putin. i hate american idol. i hate tv in general. i hate the movie industry. i hate public education. i hate private education. i hate your parents. i hate my parents (just kidding mom! i need money) i hate that fat fuck who sues mcdonalds. i hate mcdonalds because they only serve breakfast for about 17.23 minutes each day. i hate fox news because they embody the extremist right media, but call themselves "fair and balanced." i hate the rest of the media in general, because they are called out as liberal and are too fucking pussy to speak their own opinions anymore. i love george dubya, because any one of jerry's kids that can make it that far, and still have people believing the trite bullshit his advisors make up obviously has something good going for him (i.e. trust fund, corporate board seats, etc). i hate the silver spoon in your fucking mouth. i hate the fact that it's not in mine. i hate the fat ugly chick that turned me down, even after i was "dared" to hit on her. i hate the fact that she shut me down after i REALLY started trying. i hate the fact that made me either want to fuck her or punch myself in the face for listening to my friends. i hate the way you look while you read this. i hate that the only way to get a worthwhile degree in college involves you going through these bullshit classes. i hate the fact that if those classes were burning hoops, monkeys and clowns would tell p.t. barnum that he could go fuck himself with the bearded ladies' dick. i hate the fact you didn't get that last joke. i hate working for a wage that a chinese sweatshop would strike over. i hate prescription drugs, and all the lovely things they do for me. i hate cops, because they always catch you when you're totally guilty. i hate any music that has an audience whose tastes are country/pop/rock/whateverthefuckmtvormyfriendstellmetolistento. i hate the fact it took you three times to read that cluster-fuck of words to finally get the shitty joke. i hate the fact that im wasting my time writing all this bullshit. i hate the fact that i really have nothing better to do. i hate hating on everything. i hate you for thinking i was serious about the last one. i hate the fact that i can't think of anything better to hate on. i hate the fact that i just said "hate on." i hate, i mean I FUCKING HATE, one thing so much i want to launch a fucking scud missle at a third world country just thinking about it...

button-fly jeans. i don't care what your're doing, they will always be a pain in the fucking ass. otherwise, im cool with about everything else.

oh yea, i hate you too. fucker.

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