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support the chinese and buy magnetic ribbons

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fox news takes the "support the troops" offense, while debasing baptists. because jesus (sorry, heavenly guy), these things are only reported by fox news. the "fair and balanced"/extremist right wing "news" station. rupurt murdoch controls every story that even has a chance of being aired, and the only ones that are somewhat bi-partisian controversial are those dealing with some person or group that hates the troops. and they always seem to end up on a show such as hannity and colmes, to be berated and humiliated. not because they think they will get a point across, but because they obviously have some other agenda. who would allow themselves to be interviewed by someone who will call them out for the obvious and have absolutely no agreements with them? paid correspondants. did you ever see the hannity and colmes (or maybe it was o'reilly. or tucker. or possibly ann coulter as a guest? [btw: why the hell hasn't fox gave her a show yet? i guess even they have their limits] fuck it though, they're all the same) "interview" with the guy whose website's message was simply "fuck the troops?" this guy had no rhyme, no reason, no argument, nothing. he apparently just hated the troops (like clinton, eh? *sad, sad smile. mmm...surplus*). but yet, he was knowledgable enough to go forth with and accept an interview with fox news. but apparently no other major news outlet knew of this guy. it must be because fox news doesn't have an extremist right-wing bias. it's all about "fair and balanced." shit, apparently the minority (don't worry, GOP. i'm not talking about mexicans) are the only ones watching either CNN, MSNBC, or ESPN. so that pretty much is where fox is trying to pull the educated population from. just say "troops" or "9/11," and the empathetic members of the population (empathy for others? isn't that like... SOCIALISM?? ha ha, joking. that's just for pinkos and the chinese) shed a tear. regardless the topic, basis, or even without such simple things as facts and sources; the mention of those key words draws an emotional reaction. and anyone with a political agenda knows how to play off that. back to this protest, this woman. for one, what was the whole "god hates fags" thing about? is that why soldiers are dying? because of gay people? fuck! better put them fags on an island then! i know Falwell's happy they can't adopt kids there. it would be like the garden of eden. except that apple is only gonna be eaten by adams. still, i just love how this woman maintains total composure; all while being insulted by hannity (and even colmes, for gods sake. i'd fucking kill myself for taking shit from him). for someone who is such an extremist, she sure is a pussy. but the baptist part. hannity does say about 1/2 to 3/4 through the interview that this church is a "seperate" denomination of the baptist church. but still, who are the MAJORITY of baptists? them good 'ole black people. no matter what, you say "hate troops" and "baptist" together on fox news, every hardcore right-winger and trailer-trash shithead is just getting an excuse for their hatred and ignorant racism. fuck, fox news already made hurricane katrina black america's fault (i mean, even the mayor was black. and black people looted. white people scavenged. and that one guy stole a bunch of heiniken. that was the moment americans knew they had to take a stand. a stand against an area sitting on death's bed, on the failure of the govenment that was supposed to help them. but those fucking niggers stole doritos from a wal-mart. how could they be so ungrateful after we let them live in the superdome?). back to the somewhat unargumentitive part. fox news wants to push GOP agendas, yet has to appeal to moderates and democrats due to the large disapproval in bush and his administration/war/budget/lies/monetary interests/general idiocy. so, why not take some "random" occurance in iowa (gee..funny how they brought up iowa's democratic primary election in the story. considering iowa is considered the home plate for the national democratic primary decision, that sure is one strange little interjection...). i would put money on this being just another publicity stunt, paid for by our good friend murdoch. don't believe me? how the hell could all these "fuck the troops," "fuck 9/11," or, "fuck anything that would piss off the general population" get interviews exclusively with them (fox news, for those with the mtv attention span)? the one network who's audience will automatically hate whatever they tell them to? whose hosts will insult and berate you? a place where you couldn't get your "agenda" or "message" across in any way possible? i mean, shit. what "we hate what other idiots hate, but for some unknown reason we hate american troops, too" group thinks fox news viewers are going to actually agree with them? yes, i'm sure they'd see the "God Hates Fags" sign, mutter "damn right," and take a sip of budweiser. but if that sign said "Troops Are Fags" though, different story. these people would be burning down every church that wasn't catholic (just kidding! the kkk hates catholics). then they go to iowa, and wave a posterboard on a freeway that says "God Hates Fags." which isn't anything new, except this time they said "troops" and were next to a military funeral. that is the clincher on the argument. I mean, who couldn't agree with a woman that hates american troops and 9/11? and apparently thinks that those people deserved everything they got? the fag thing though...hmmm.... doesn't really get brought up in the interview. just in videotaped signs, and about maybe 8 seconds of voice airtime. wow. they sure showed those signs a lot for it being such an insignificant topic. and for someone being interviewed, that woman didn't seem to care much about the "fag" aspect either. she just liked talking about how troops and the people that died because of 9/11 deserved it. no explanation why. they just apparently did. it wasn't because of gays, the theory of evolution, or the da vinci code. but do you want to know the truth of the matter? without all of those american deaths, how could fox afford to pay the actors protesting fictional causes in iowa?

hey, that's capitalism bud. gotta make money somehow.


(ps: if you can find this story on any other major news network (i.e. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, or even The Onion; send me the link. If not, go google "steven colbert white house correspondents dinner." it's the best laugh/kick in the nuts that was so desperately needed speech I have ever seen. i guess that's why Time just named him one of the Top 5 most influental people in the country. But hey, it's the fucking liberal media. We all know about their communist bias.)

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Very very disturbing.
These people make me sick.

SUPPORT AMERICA OR GET OUT! I just don't get it...If you do not like it here then leave. If you think we are all horrible people then leave. If you don't like our immigration policy then leave. If you don't want to pay taxes then leave. Do you get the picture?

Thanks to the internet and some resourcefulness here is her address and phone numbers...

Brent and Shirley Roper
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