Tuesday, September 5, 2006

philanthropy: one of my many hobbies that start with p

this is just for you special people out there, you know who you are.

if any of you are curious as to where i get my music, wonder no more. i get it the old fashioned way: host it myself. if you want to check out what i've got online right now (i add to it whenever something strikes my fancy) click here. i also host videos that i either edit, create, or just find of interest. currently, the only file i have uploaded is nine inch nails' unreleased and uberdisturbing video for the ep broken (update: added a few of my class projects for the hell of it). i uploaded this video because it is not exactly easy to get your hands on, and the quality of the original file is horrid. i've cleaned up the audio and video considerably, although investing more time into it could help it out even further. you can check out the videos here. (some disturbing and graphic content)

small side note: if you wish to link to or distribute these addresses or files, please ASK me first. i do have to pay for the bandwidth, so leeching is not appreciated. it's not hard to find out where referrals are coming from, and i will stop all public access if this becomes a problem.

also, if anyone is interested in an email account through fourstardrug.net, i have many available, so just let me know.

thats all for now kids!

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