Saturday, November 11, 2006

a change...will do you good...

this is just a short little reminder/borderline obnoxious post asking you to tell me what you think of my blog re-vamp. it's really in its early stages. but i am really just using what i get done here as buliding blocks to get up, running, and ready to frighten children. whoo-hoo! now where'd my goddamned 23 flavors disappear to....awww no...that's it! get out the cellar, sancho! you're down to to chances, hombre: either give me back my delicious dr. pepper concoction, 23 man-made flavors which your simpleton pallatte could'nt ever embrace, or hand over the goddamned magic beans!!! i'm tired of your lies! give daddy the magic beans so i can climb to the heavens and kick it with the ole' g-man and da'jesus, where we can use the godly magnifying glass to burn sinners on their proverbial anthills and watch monday night football. maybe even a season or two of entourage, who knows? wait, sancho....where.....sacho? you slipperly little bastarad!!! AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH. I WANT MY BEANS OF THE MAGIC JUMPIN MOTHAFUCKIN VARIETY!!!! shit. wow. i think i might need a xanax. or 12.

i'm building an airport....only at the home depot!

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