Monday, January 1, 2007

no, this is MY country

as i sit here pretending to care who wins the rose bowl, i can't get rid of my overwhelming urge to strangle john mellencamp. i've had to endure that fucking chevy commericial about 2,137 times today, and with each viewing i come just a little bit closer to filling a silverado full of puppies and pushing it off a cliff. whoever is at fault for hiring johnny mcfuckhat and green lighting this ad should be groin kicked out into the street and beat to death with a fucking tack hammer. and if that plan should fail, i will gladly substitute myself in their place if it means that i am no longer forced to witness that god awful shitstorm of american cliche that is the chevrolet commercial. i would seriously rather watch the michigan marching band perform their 103 minute version of stairway to heaven ad nauseam than even think about a washed up john mellencamp crooning for the soulless corporate whore that is general motors.

bash head into solid object. scream obscenities. repeat.

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